Will's Wishlist

Wondering what to buy for that special Ninjalawyer in your life? Look no further! I have assembled (for your convenience) the following comprehensive list of gift ideas for any occasion and any budget! :) I keep this page updated regularly for my own reference, so if it's listed here you can be fairly sure I don't already have it.

Thanks everyone!

Useful Stuff:

Jord Cigar Humidor, $86.99

Firearms Related:

Firearms accessories

Trybe PVS-14 Gen 3 night vision monocular, $2,799.00

Sionyx Digital Night Vision Monocular, $1,995.00

Holosun Dual Laser Sigh w/ IR illuminator and white light, $929.99

Geissele MK16 Super M-Lok 9.3in Modular Rail (black), $325.00

Surefire Warcomp flash hider (5.56x45 NATO), $169.00

VLTOR CASV Alloy FAL Long Rail System, $293.36

Ultimak M1-B AK rail mount, $104.00

Chiappa .22 LR M4-22 conversion upper receiver, $309.00 (with 10 round mags only, $20.99 each)

Turner Leather Sling (48"), $81.95

Reloading Gear

Pending Update

Gaming Gear:

60x Maltese Cross Shoulder Insignia pack in smoothest fine detail plastic, $19.99

Forgeworld Dark Eldar Tantalus, $185.00

Thousand Sons Magnus the Red, $170.00
Dark Eldar Ravager, $60.00
Drazhar, $45.00
Dark Eldar Wracks, $38.00

Necromunda: Book of the Outlands, $50.00

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2 Deluxe Edition, $29.95 (bound, unpunched), and Book 2, 29.95, and Reinforcements 1, $29.95
Federation Battleship, $29.95
Federation Light Dreadnought, $22.95


Boston Interiors Henderson 4-drawer desk - Cafe, $1,359.95
Boston Interiors Henderson Bookcase - Tricorn Black, $1,274.95

Home Decor:

Haunted Studios Maltese Falcon replica, $99.00
Portrait Bust of George Washington by Houdon 11" replica, $149.00


The Virginia Edition Complete Works of Robert A. Heinlein, $1,300.00

Spacetrawler Big Book 1, $32.00 and Big Book Two, $30.00.

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