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Wondering what to buy for that special Ninjalawyer in your life? Look no further! I have assembled (for your convenience) the following comprehensive list of gift ideas for any occasion and any budget! :) I keep this page updated regularly for my own reference, so if it's listed here you can be fairly sure I don't already have it. Bolded items are the most desired...

Thanks everyone!

T-Shirts and Apparel: (size L, preferably)

Warframe black/olive hoodie, $69.99

Star Trek Beyond Captain Kirk Blue Jacket, $129.00

Authentic Replica Big Lebowski Bowling shirt, $36.00
Kobra Kai T-Shirt, $20.00

Guild of Calamitous Intent T-Shirt, $19.95

Commence Victory Dance T-shirt, $18.99

Turtle Cosmology: Teach the Controversy T-shirt, $15.99

Useful Stuff:

Colibiri Wellington Lighter (chrome), $59.00

Firearms Related:

Firearms accessories

Ultimak M1-B AK rail mount, $98.00

VLTOR CASV Alloy FAL Long Rail System, $293.95

Trijicon AccuPoint TR24G Riflescope, $849.00

LaRue Tactical Ultra-Low Mount Rings QD LT719, $210.00

TAPCO SAW style AR-15 grip (black), $8.99

AR22-100 .22 AR upper, $335.00 (with optional 10rd magazine instead of 26rd), plus some extra 10 round magazines, $17.00 each

Turner Custom Made Leather Millitary Sling (48"), $61.95
AR-15 Carbon Removal Tool, $39.95
M-14 Carbon Removal Tool, $41.95

SureFire DSF Forend Light for Remington 870, $272.00

Sturdy Safe 36x27x60 gun safe model 3527, bare bones, mechanical spin dial, with side shelves, easy out loop gun racks, dark gray and black, $2,629.00

Reloading Gear

Pending Update

Gaming Gear:

Battlefoam Spartan Tank Foam Tray (BFL-4), $24.99
Battlefoam 2 Land Raider 1 Drop Pod 4 Rhino Foam Tray (BFL-4.5), $24.99
Battlefoam 1 Voidraven Bomber 1 Razorwing Foam Tray (BFL-4.5), $24.99
Battlefoam 2 Raider 5 Venom Foam Tray (BFL-4), $24.99
Battlefoam 3 New Ravager 2 Raider Foam Tray (DE10BFL-6), $24.99
Battlefoam 3 Dark Eldar Raider 2 Talo Foam Tray (DE01BFL-4), 2 @ $24.99

Forgeworld Legion Sicarian Battle Tank, ~$102.54 (depending on exchange rates)
Forgeworld Space Marine Stormeagle, ~132.37 (depending on exchange rates)
Forgeworld Spartan Assault Tank, ~$141.45 (depending on exchange rates)
Forgeworld Reaper, ~$57.10 (depending on exchange rates)

Stormraven Gunship, $70.13

GURPS: Supers, $14.99
Illuminati Y2k, $17.95
Illuminati: Bavarian Fire Drill, $17.95

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2 Deluxe Edition, $29.95 (bound, unpunched)
Federation Battleship, $24.95
Federation Light Dreadnought, $17.95

Home Decor:

Haunted Studios Maltese Falcon replica, $99.00

Leonidas Bronze Statue, $101.25
Washington Bust, $77.00

Warframe Valkyr Statue, $79.99


The Virginia Edition Complete Works of Robert A. Heinlein, $1,500.00

Spacetrawler Book 2, $20.00 and Book Three, $20,00.

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, $17.99

Other Random Stuff:

Federalist Society Tie (Blue with Silver Madison), $35.00

Subscription to The Economist, $126.90


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